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Kickboxing In North Augusta Just Got Real!

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Hi Champ,

My name is Duke Roufus and I was a world champion kickboxer back in my hay day.  Now I just focus on teaching students at my Roufusport Headquarters.

Our North Augusta Roufusport Academy has some of the best trainers in the country and I'll vouch for that.

We really take pride in teaching real kickboxing to anyone who wants to learn.  We learn real techniques and hit real bags.  You WILL get in shape if you train with us.  I will personally train you one on one if you don't.

Make Sure You Grab Your Free Copy Of My Book "The Striking Formula".

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Maybe I'll see you in the academy sometime.  

Thank you once again,

- Duke Roufus, Roufusport Head Instructor


Is Kickboxing Safe?


You will be well taken care of in our kickboxing class. We look at everyone individually. If you are just starting out and need some very fundamental work, then we will get you the individual attention that you need.  If your ready for the UFC, then we'll get you there.

MMA and Kickboxing

At Roufusport, we have developed some of the top UFC and MMA fighter period. We love MMA and make it a part of what we do. We will get you in shape and teach you solid skills when it comes to striking. 

If you are interested in grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we can definitely put you in an appropriate program that teaches grappling at your skill level.  Even if that level is "no experience at all".  Make sure you enter your email on this page and you will be directed to much more info about our other programs.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. For a limited time we offer a 2 week free trial. This trial won't last long and you will only have access after you enter your email and claim Duke's Free book.


Should I get in shape first?

First, ask yourself how long you've waited to start training in MMA or Kickboxing.  Can you afford to wait any longer?  Roufusport is the perfect place to dust off the rust and get the heart pumping again.  You can go at your own pace.  We are here for YOU. We will be there every step of the way.


Do You Teach Muay Thai?

Yes we do!  We are well versed in all areas of Muay - Thai and many of our Instructors in the Roufusport organization have lived, trained, and even fought in Thailand, the mother country of the art of Muay - Thai.  We do not limit ourself to the teachings of muay - thai although we have a great respect for the techniques and traditions of the style.  Roufusport is like Muay Thai on steroids!  We are always evolving and always studying and researching new training methods and techniques.


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What Roufusport Students Say..

I dropped 30lbs. I wake up an inspired person. This experience has made me a better person to myself and to other people.
- Kali Rabbin

I'm 58 years old. This has been the most amazing experience I've ever had. I lost weight and got fit. Now I'm taking classes with my daughter. Just wonderful.
-Tom Taft
The place look top notch. The coaches here are top notch. The gym is top notch.
-Quin Q-Money Long
Really amazing! Coming here is my stress relief. Coming here gives me more confidence, gets me in great shape, and it's a really great enviroment to train in.
-Jack Johnson


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Join dozens of Champions who were able to go from zero to hero in there own personal Cinderella Story.

Regular Joes, Janes, Black Belts, and UFC Champs Agree...Roufusport Kickboxing is in a league of it's own.  Tone Up, Get Real Self Defense and Fighting Skills. Learn The Art Of Muay Thai And Boxing While Mastering Roufusports Unique Style, Feel Great And Look Great.
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